Who we are

Six Times Nothing is an independent game development studio based in Sydney, Australia and Denver, Colorado. We were initially founded as a loose collective in December 2009 and finally registered as a proper business in late 2010.

We are currently very hard at work on the development of our debut title, Dawn Of The Tyrant – an innovative social RPG based on a unique and original IP, planned for release in 2018.

Current projects

Dawn Of The Tyrant is Six Times Nothing's major in-development title, currently in production for Windows and Mac OS, and planned for release in 2018.

Dawn of the Tyrant is a socially connected role playing game where the actions of players affect the flow of the storyline and gameplay. The game is set in a dark, primeval and brutal world where the advanced technologies of a once ancient and powerful race have fallen into ruin. The style of play fuses elements of traditional RPGs with faster paced survival-horror gameplay. The game world and artwork is inspired by a combination of gothic fantasy and horror and Babylonian, Egyptian and ancient Middle Eastern history and mythology.

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Some important announcements

As of 13th August 2013, the UniSky software is wholly managed by Rocking Dayo, headed up by Chris Morris, who was the original lead developer of the system. He will be covering all support and updates for the tool henceforth. We're proud of what we achieved with UniSky and look forward to seeing where Chris will take it in the future. Therefore, for all support enquiries relating to UniSky, please contact Chris at: [email protected]

A note from Chris:"My first goal with UniSky is to refactor, patch, and update the code to fix current issues and be up to date with the latest version of Unity. This new version of UniSky will be cleaner, simpler, and more performant. I will also be responsible for support, which will be in full swing to address ongoing developer needs."

Please note also that the free River Tool and Road/Path Tool were permanently discontinued as of 1st August 2013. After this date, we are no longer able to provide technical support for this tool. The code will continue to remain accessible and free to the community to use and modify, however it will be provided 'as is' with no warranty or guarantee of support.

We have made these decisions as we are currently undergoing a process of restructuring that will both allow us to focus our time, energy and resources on the Dawn Of The Tyrant project and will also result in much better support and updates for UniSky for our customers. As a result however, we will no longer have the resources required to develop or support further tools.

Past projects

Over the last few years, we've done quite a lot...

The Terrain Toolkit project was created by Sándor as part of the Unity Summer of Code 2009. The objective of the project was to develop a toolset for the Unity Editor which would streamline and improve the workflow involved in creating terrains for games. The result was the Terrain Toolkit component - an integrated solution for terrain generation in the Unity game engine. While no further production is planned for the Terrain Toolkit at present, it is fully supported and may be freely downloaded from Google Code Repository here.

We created and released UniSky – the premiere solution for realtime, dynamic skies in the Unity game Engine. A project that Chris, the main developer of the original product continues.

We also worked closely with Perfect Parallel to bring a range of innovative and dynamic course building tools for their range of golf games, allowing courses to be created directly within the Unity Game Engine.

Six Times Nothing also previously created a range of free tools for the Unity 3.x Game Engine including the River Tool and Road/Path Tools. These are no longer supported or distributed.

Work with us

Six Times Nothing is constituted of a core team of two investor/contributors – Sándor Moldán and Shawn McCarthy. We have no intentions of hiring full time staff at this point in time. However, if the thought of working with us on the sure-to-be-pretty-fucking-epic Dawn Of The Tyrant project appeals to you, please do get in touch with us and we'll talk some more. ;)

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